We are now exporting the solar panels we imported so far.
Energy Efficiency Association Denizli Branch’s member of the Executive Board Bereket Energy, by exporting solar panels produced for different countries in the energy sector continues to be the shining star of Denizli.
Members of Denizli Branch of Energy Efficiency Association visited Bereket Energy solar panel manufacturing and got detailed information from panel about the panel production. Energy Efficiency Association Denizli Branch President Mehmet Akgün; Stated that the purpose of the organization is not only to use energy efficiently but also to emphasize the importance of renewable energy sources. President Akgün "Our association has been conducting training to raise awareness about the energy efficiency of our society. In addition, renewable energy sources have told us in our course. Whatever energy we need, whatever it takes, will not be sufficient in the face of rapidly evolving technology unless we use it efficiently. We visited our Board of Directors' Board of Directors, Bereket Enerji, which produces the panels that enable us to obtain energy from the sun which is our most important renewable energy source today. All right, they gave us a lot of information about the production of solar panels. We are very proud that the solar panel we imported until today is exported from our province and that the company that has realized it is a member of our board of directors. We wish the success to continue. "
Ali İhsan Keskin, Bereket Energy Group official, expressed satisfaction with the visit made. "We are very happy to be a member of the Energy Efficiency Association. We contribute to our country's economy by producing solar energy panel production with domestic capital. We have 150-megawatt solar panels per year. We will start cell manufacturing in 2017. For our country, our future and our work will continue rapidly,” he said.