Denizli Branch of Energy Efficiency Association, which holds an important place in the agenda of Denizli with the works it has done since its establishment and informs the public about Energy Efficiency, held the 3rd Ordinary General Assembly Meeting in Enerya Denizli Gaz Dağıtım A.Ş training hall.
Merkezefendi Mayor and at the same time members of the association Muhammet Subaşıoğlu, General Manager of DESKI and also members of the association Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mahmud Güngör and Energy Efficiency Association members attended the General Assembly meeting.
Branch President Mehmet Akgün, who made the opening speech before the General Assembly, indicate that they have implemented several projects on Energy Efficiency since the day that they came and stated that they raise awareness of the Energy Efficiency in the society because of these projects. Akgün; "Unfortunately, our country's energy resources are insufficient. That’s why, most of energy needs are imported and we are paying in large amount for these imports. Because of our work as an association, we have determined that Denizli has an energy saving potential of 20% in the industry sector. I believe that if we are all more sensitive to energy efficiency everywhere from our homes to our workplace, we can make a big contribution to our future as well as our country’s economy. We, as an association, are in a state of well-being and pride in fulfilling our social responsibilities with our members. I invite all our people to this well-being.” he said.