Energy Kid Naz Is In Kocaeli


To explain the importance of energy efficiency to children, Naz and her friends have met with children in Kocaeli Süleyman Demirel Culturel Central in Kocaeli. Enerji Hanım did surprised by participating the program that energy efficiency was told entertainingly to children. Children should need to warn their mother about energy efficiency and also Enerji Hanım told the children a simple energy efficient applications.


Before the show, Energy Efficiency Association President İbrahim ÇAĞLAR said “With Energy Kid Project we aim to efficient use of energy due to the children in schools and at home in short in any environment where they are. We will allow our children contribute to both household budgets and national economy with this project. Our kids they are our future. We want to advance awareness about energy efficiency that our children will build their families tomorrow.”


Energy Efficiency Association Branch President Ali Fuat EYÜBOĞLU, İzmit Chairman of Chamber of Industry Ayhan ZEYTİNOĞLU and Provincial Director of Education Fehmi Rasim ÇELİK attended the theater watched approximate 500 students.