Enerji Hanım at Denizli


Enerji Hanım’s Second Class Was in Denizli

Energy Efficiency” Wind will Spread throughout the Country

The First Step of Enerji Hanım, Target is “Energy Turkey”

The President of the Energy Efficiency Association Mr.İbrahim Çağlar, stated that an efficient use of energy in all fields will create approximate annual savings up to 15 billion Liras and that all segments should look after the project.

Denizli was the second stop Enerji Hanım, who initiated a course for spreading a nationwide conscience for energy efficiency and who provided her first educational program in Kayseri. The program realized in the EGS Park Congress and Culture Center was attended by the Governor of Denizli Abdülkadir Demir, Denizli Deputies of Ak Party Nihat Zeybekçi, Mehmet Yüksel and Bilal Uçar, the executive board member of the Energy Efficiency Association, representative of non-governmental organizations, families, tutors and students. At the conclusion of the meeting, students that ranked during the painting, composition and project contests held on the subject of energy efficiency amongst schools were given their awards. Furthermore, electrical home gadgets such as refrigerator, washing machine, etc... were given to the project’s participants at the end of the lottery held.


Why Enerji Hanım?

The President of the Energy Efficiency Association, Mr.İbrahim Çağlar that undertook the application of the project, the latter supported by the spouse of the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Mrs.Emine Erdoğan and which represents a joint project by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the State Ministry Responsible for Women and Family, stated that Enerji Hanım constitutes the initial step of a large project that covers all segments throughout out the generality of Turkey. Mr. Çağlar stated that they saw women as the economists at home, and continued as follows: “We have initially made a survey study. We have reached 2 thousand 929 women in 20 cities. We have asked them whether electrical home gadgets were used consciously. Later in Ankara, we have placed one pc measurement devices in 5 different households in 5 different provinces. We have placed energy monitors in the electrical home gadgets in each household and we have uploaded to the databank the total energy amount consumed at homes and the instant consumptions of such gadgets. As a result, we have reported in detail the consumption habits before and after the conscience-raising studies in the Enerji Hanım project. And we saw that just by this method, we could earn 4 billion Turkish Liras annually. Until June, we will continue educational programs in 20 cities”.


Let’s Make an Efficient Use of Energy and Earn 15 Billion Liras

Çağlar stated that Turkey has no energy shortcuts, that the project did not mean “we should not use energy”, and continued as follows: “On the contrary, let’s use energy abundantly. However, we should use it consciously and productively. Moving on from this, we believe that the study on women bears vital importance. Later at schools, we will train children on this subject. Children will grow up tomorrow. They will reach some positions. Some of them will enter business life. If they gain the conscience of efficiently using energy, they will apply this during their entire lives and have other around apply it also. The energy efficiency movement is a one that covers the entire country, we will have studies on this subject in industry, commerce, transportation and buildings and will apply such models domestically and conduct studies on in the international arena. Our annual savings will reach 15 billion Liras with the spreading of the project to all areas”.


Green Hospitals and green fairgrounds will be constructed...
Mr.İbrahim Çağlar, the President of the Energy Efficiency Association, stated that they planned to render the Üsküdar State Hospital, which will be demolished and re-constructed, a fully energy-smart hospital sensitive towards the environment from its operating rooms to its polyclinics and patient rooms. Mr. Çağlar underlined that they wanted it to be a model for Turkey and added that they are developing project in order that the existing and future fairgrounds represent buildings sensitive towards energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency will also become widespread in industry.
Mr. İbrahim Çağlar stated that energy efficiency not only covered electric usage but their objectives also included recycling and that they had additional studies in the industrial field. Mr.Çağlar further added the following: “For instance, factories producing milk and fruit juices have wastes. They usually dispose of such wastes and pay a waste charge when doing this. However, a factory can reuse the entirety of such liquid product wastes by recycling, which then turn into zero waste. And its investment pays-off in approximately 4-4.5 years. And we will take it as a model and apply it on other industries”.

We will give projects to SME’S and we will help them to find resources. Mr.İbrahim Çağlar drew attention to the fact that especially medium-sized industrialists cannot find resources for making R&D investments to have such savings, and continued as follows:
We, as an Association, will open the path for also for these. We will create this model and later set-forth a model for the duration required for the paying-off of such investments. We will later assist them for the financing needed for such investments and orientate them for the making of these investments for a period of 3-5 years, depending on how long the investment will pay itself off.


Energy Efficiency is Our 6th Fuel Source.

Mr.İbrahim Çağlar reminded the statement by Mr.Taner Yıldız, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources going: “Energy Efficiency represents the 6th Resource following petrol, natural gas, coal, nuclear and renewable energy” and further stated the following: “This is a very important system that in fact pays itself off. It is not for vain when we use the word “savings” when we mention the efficient use of energy. This means that we make savings in monetary terms but we by no means concede on quality. We mention reducing energy consumption as we increase production without conceding on quality in the industry and the quality of life at housings. This is very important, we especially underline it and important duties are incumbent on all of us for the creation of this conscience.