Enerji Hanım  at Istanbul


If Women Change, the World also the Future will Change

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s wife Emine Erdoğan called 4500 women in teh Enerji Hanım meeting “If women change, the world also the future will change” The provision of social projects aimed at energy efficiency and individuals to be told "Enerji Hanım", One met withwomenin Istanbul in 19th stops.

With the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources be a joint project of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and was implemented with the organization of Energy Efficiency Association’s Istanbul programme, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s wife Emine Erdoğan,Family and Social Policy MinisterFatma Şahin, Former Tourism Minister and State Minister AK Party Women's Wing President Güldal Akşit, President of IstanbulChamber of Commerce and EnergyEfficiency Association İbrahim Çağlar, Vice Chairman Adnan Ersoy Ulubaş and board member Nihat Özdemir are participated in.

Start by turning off unnecessary lights The opening speech done by the President of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, and Energy Efficiency Association İbrahim Çağlar, took part in Haliç Kongre ve Kültür Merkezi  with over 4500 women participants. He pointed if Enerji Hanım project is success, 4 billion TL is going to be saved. With this savings there could be built 200 city hospitals, 1000 schools in Turkey, Çağlar called women who participate in meeting, “ For this aim, your small steps are important too. You can begin with turning off unnecessary lights. Individuals who shape the future of society, we're ambassadors for energy saving” Wars in the region by energy policies Family and Social Policy Minister Fatma Şahin told, the current problems in the region, pointed out that not focused on people, they are focused on source of energy policies. Şahin pointed out that the energy efficiency is really important nowadays and housewifes are economists, “ you are the biggest architects and keys of changing. We need to make into mode of behavior in our daily lives which we learned in Enerji Hanım” she said.

After Fatma Şahin, Emine Erdoğan came to the stand. In the begining of her speech, she pointed out the developments all over the world in industry and technology are change and make simple our lifes. Emine Erdoğan said, these developments provide the source of the energy, air, water and soil and become an indispensable part of life.

Over-consumption is going to consume  energy resources Emine Erdogan indicating that the energy of a life can not be imagined now, however, due to the excessive consumption of energy resources is the end of the day said. With the limited resources in the world, selfish consumption insight will give person to betray his/her own future. Emine Erdoğan said, “Nature, environment to act with the consciousness of humanity is given in trust, will bring success.”
If women change, the world will change Enerji Hanım project is very important in this point, Emine Erdoğan said, “ Enerji Hanım, wrong use of energy, the subject of our future will reveal how devastating effect. As the project shows us the way, we need to make some changing in our way of home. At issue are the saints we know, air, water, bread, and feel exhausted much we value our children the right to a healthy environment. Project is able to provide a significant contribution to the family budget and the environment. Small steps will change consumer habits, I have no doubt.”

At the end of her speech,in Enerji Hanım project  the biggest discretion  deserves the attention of housewives who participated in trainings Emine Erdogan, said: “If women change, world change, future change. We can increase less by making it efficient. With this training, I believe in you, our women, change our family and society.”

Pull the plug early when  ironing, the kids do not walk 5 kilometers for  going to school
Enerji Hanım is travelling around Turkey and telling the methods of saving 4 billion TL per year with the small precautions to housewifes, remebered with this 4 billion TL we can built 1000 school and 200 hospital, “ with pulling the plug of iron 5 minutes before, you can prevent kids to go to the school in winter by walking 5 kilometers. Do not leave the fridge door open, so you can provide to an old person get cured in hospital which can be build in his/her district” she said.

After the Enerji Hanım training programme, in draw between participants, lucky women won enegry efficient electrical applian