About Us

Efficiency-based activities are becoming more common around the world. All countries and big organisations has been spending (using) high budgets on research and development in this area. Several institutors and organisations are working on energy efficiency in our country.

The Energy Efficiency Association is a non-governmental organisation, established in 2008. Its primary purpose is to create awareness in people, helping them to use energy efficiently and productively. Furthermore, it aims to continually conduct scientific research and also to increase public knowledge by sharing those findings with public enterprises and citizens.

The Association; organizes successful campaigns, promotions and activities with ite strong management and qualified technical infrastructure; it is already able to awareness about energy efficiency on the community in short time.

The management of the Energy Efficiency Association was changed in order to realize its goals. Many important industrialists, businessmen and bureaucrats have been appointed to the Executive Board.

Executive Board Members

İbrahim ÇAĞLAR President
Ali KİBAR Vice President
Adnan Ersoy ULUBAŞ Vice President
Şafak MÜDERRİSGİL Vice President
Ali Rıza ARSLAN General Accountant
Ali Y. KOÇ Executive Board Member
Emir EREN Executive Board Member
Ferit ŞAHENK Executive Board Member
Fuat TOSYALI Executive Board Member
Hüseyin ARSLAN Executive Board Member
Mükremin ÇEPNİ Executive Board Member
Dr.Neslihan YÜKSEL Executive Board Member
Nihat ÖZDEMİR Executive Board Member
Oğuz SATICI Executive Board Member
Ömer Cihad VARDAN Executive Board Member
Dr.Selahattin ÇİMEN Executive Board Member
Tahir BÜYÜKHELVACIGİL Executive Board Member




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Energy Efficiency Assocation 2015 Balance Sheet
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Energy Efficiency Assocation 2016 Balance Sheet
Energy Efficiency Assocation 2016 Financial Statement