Energy Efficiency Association aim to saving conscious of energy consumption in Turkey which branching to the attack continues in Thrace.

The President of the Association İbrahim Çağlar who stand out when increase branch number remain target audience and he told importance of saving energy to Kırklareli’s citizen.

Association of Kirklareli to the presidency of the Branch selected Turhan Altınel and Derya Uraslı, Ümit Sevim, Serap Kayraklık, İpek Sevim, Gökhan Erçelik, Ruhan Uzunlar Altınel took place in association management.

Energy Efficiency Association stand out using conscious energy saving 4 billion lira in the year which began to attack branch for wide audience, and informing the publicity President of Association İbrahim Çağlar said: “ when  increasing branch  number  our reach target audience is increase  and our work will increase energy efficiency that  success rate will rise.

4 Billion Turkish Liras Savings

Çağlar said, “As decision makers women in family has an important role for the maintenance of daily activities and consumption. Therefore, we started our projects with awareness of energy efficiency ‘Enerji Hanım’ and he reminded at home with simple measures 4 billion Turkish Liras per year energy savings can be achieved.Çağlar said, after ‘Enerji Hanım’ they started ‘Energy Kid’ project and in 2014 ‘Energy Efficient Industries’ for calling the industrialists, “We told to increase energy efficiency doing the same amount of work with using less energy in organized industrial zones.”4 billion lira of saving.

6th Major Fuel Source

Çağlar said, Turkey's energy consumption is growing and underlines it is not acceptable to supply the less energy source outside, to pay exchange and as well as wasting energy, he continued as follows;

“ As Minister of Energy and Natural Resources shows, after oil, gas, coal, nuclear energy and renewable energy, our 6th major fuel source is "energy efficiency”. Our country has a high potential in energy efficiency. For the responsibility to our country’s today and future, we need to determine the energy efficiency conscious attitude. This responsibility also for businessmen who run the giant machines, ironing at home, making food for our people who are the same importance.” Later, Çağlar wishes success to the President of Association’s Kırklareli Branch Turhan Altınel and board members; Derya Uraslı,  Ümit Sevim, Serap Kayraklık, İpek Sevim, Gökhan Erçelik, Ruhan Uzunlar Altınel.