Photo exhibition titled "Victory of Democracy 15 July 2016" organized in cooperation with Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) and Anadolu Agency (AA), opened in New Mosque Hünkar Kasrı.

Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin, speaking at the opening of the exhibition, during the July 15 coup attempt, the people who have martyred before and after him have mercy and gratitude, wanted Allah to heal the veterans.
Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Energy Efficiency Association President İbrahim Çağlar, On 15 July last year, the nation said that they all gave a struggle for democracy, a War of Independence in a sense.
Allah's permission, President of the Republic Erdoğan's leadership, waiver of citizens and powerful stance,  Çağar explaining that FETÖ's treacherous coup attempt with the struggle of the security forces was eliminated in a very short time, "We are opening this exhibition in a historic venue, because we have not forgotten those moments, we will not forget and do not forget them. The date needs to be deducted as a note. We owe gratitude to our martyrs and our veterans. God bless them all.”